A Hope and a Trust

Hello, faithful and not forgotten followers! Sorry we’ve been on a hiatus from our hiatus. We resume:

I hope Sarah writes about the interesting and successful urban design of the newer sections of Santiago, where we were fortunate enough to stay, and about the startling high architectural quality of the built fabric, to a degree that undermines the distinction between fabric buildings and something more.


Sarah and I walked the streets, residential and commercial, and conversed a lot about what we saw, and about Santiago’s singularity in its built environment, as judged according to our considerable individual and shared experience. An upshot is that other cities, planners, and architects could profit heftily from studying Santiago, which should take its place at the center of conversations about constructing urban and architectural futures.

I trust that Sarah will write about these aspects of Santiago — though perhaps first for the book that she is writing.

— Danny

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